Healing Hearts Workshop

heal hearts

On this workshop you will learn how to heal;

  • after a breakup,
  • bad relationship  
  • emotional turmoil because of an ex

Recover from; 

  • heartbreak
  • Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder
  • depressed feelings

Learn techniques to regain and strengthen;

  • your confidence
  • your self esteem
  • respect by others and yourself

We are here for you and you will access to online mentoring and relationship advice. Ongoing group meetings in the future, so that you know, you are not alone in this healing process, that others understand what you are going through and are there with you. (This part is in addition to the workshop and is paid on an ongoing contribution basis).

This workshop is probably the best investment you will make. This is an investment in yourself. The course can help you to improve on other areas of your life, e.g. work-life, family friendships as well as better new relationships.

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